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What is that?

By googling the term foreignisation, you will find out that this word is used to name a translation style.

Translation work is much more than just converting words from a language into another one just by using a dictionary. Let’s take this text from the web:

“Every morning, I walk through the nearby forest to pick up the cherries on the ground.”

Cherries are not common in Brazil, so in a domestic approach the translator could translate “cherries” into “pitangas” (a very Brazilian fruit) without any content loss, prioritizing the target culture and audience. In the…

Common story

Bob started to work at a new company. Soon he realized his new job would have a lot to do with a very old and complex legacy system. It was an anemic code without tests. There was neither any documentation. No explanations about underlying workflows which should represent the decisions made to solve business requirements which someday were asked by some stakeholder, then added to the backlog, implemented and delivered. However, that stakeholder wasn’t in the company anymore as well as the first developers.

What should be called the domain was always very coupled to the infrastructure concerns… many classes…

Some months ago I gave my first talk: “An Introduction to TDD”. I started it telling about my personal motivation of adopting this practice daily. Therefor I cited how the development process is a waste of time when we don’t have something helping us to focus on the requirements or guiding us to the next step. I cited also how developers put too much effort trying to predict all possibles scenarios from inside to outside.

After that I basically presented the feedback cycle with the three famous steps, explained the concerns behind each of those steps and introduced to the…

In my first post I would like to write about something that isn’t found so often on the internet and most [experienced] developers are missing.

Maybe because they seem to worry more about tech-hacks than realistic professionalism… that is my guess.

First of all, I would like to say that this post is both something I have to vent out and a self-critique.

What are we, developers?

Stop it! Let’s bring something up:

When we write code, we write solutions… or that’s what we’re supposed to do.

No, we aren’t coding the next [magic] wonderful architecture. We SHOULD just translate business solutions to a…

Felipe Martins

Clean Coder and TDD evangelist delivering software ASAP (as simple as possible)

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